almond-cappucinoAlmond Cappucino is a bevarage made from strong flavoured coffee called espresso, almond syrup, whole milk, sugar and nutmeg grounded only for dusting on top of cappucino.

Almond Cappucino Is An Excellant Beverage:

Almond Cappucino is an excellent beverage because of its strong taste of espresso flavoured with taste of almond syrup and top dusted with the fresh ground nutmeg which gives a very strong and delicious taste to the Almond Cappucino.

Almond Cappucino Important Factor Is Taste & Texture:

The most important factor in preparing a Almond Cappucino is its taste and texture and also temperature of milk. When you steamed the milk for Almond Cappucino, micro foam is created by introducing very tiny bubbles of air in to the milk which gives the velvety texture to the milk.

Recipe Of Almond Cappucino:

Preparation time 15 minutes
Serve 3-4 people


Almond Syrup 2 tbsp
Milk 2 cups
Sugar 4 tsp
Instant coffee powder 4 tsp
Chilled milk 2 cups

Instruction For Making:

1. Boil the milk and sugar together.

2. Now add coffee powder and mix.

3. Then pour the coffee in to individual cups.

4. Now in the chilled bowl take the chilled milk and beat it with a fork.

5. Now you can see this will develop froth in the chilled milk with a ladle and placed on the hot coffee giving it a cappucino affect.

6. Now drizzle almond syrup and serve immediately.

In Almond Cappucino What Cappucino Means:

In Almond Cappucino some we think why this is called cappucino ? because cappucino means “Capuchin” literally means “small cap”.

Useful Tip For Making Best Almond Cuppacino:

While making Almond Cappucino always remember for attaining the correct ratio the foam requires close attention while steaming the milk. This process of making cappucino gives best result for your Almond Cappucino.

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