Apple Date Crumble is the most delicious, sweet, healthy and yes newer sweet dish among all apple made sweet dishes. This dessert can be loved by all who love to eat apple in any way. Those who also want to eat a healthy and nutritious dessert they also like this delicious and mouthwatering dessert among other apple desserts. This dessert can be made in very less time with a very easy steps. It can also be made with the ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen and fridge.

Apple Date Crumble Healthy & Nutritious:

Apple Date Crumble is the most healthy and nutritious dish to eat as a sweet dish or dessert because the ingredients which can be used to make this dish make this healthy and nutritious. In this dish apple and date are the main ingredients and they both are very much good for health and good in producing iron to your body.

Apple Date Crumble Good For All Age Group People:

Apple Date Crumble is good for the all age group people because apple and dates both can be recommend to all age group by doctors because it helps in building bones and make fresh blood and keep you healthy and fresh from inside and outside too that is why it is good for the health of all age group people.

Apple Date Crumble Variation:

Apple Date Crumble can be made more variable by adding few more ingredients according to your choice. You can add fresh cream while serving, also you can add more nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts or other of your choice to make ti more healthy and delicious.

Apple Date Crumble Served:

Apple Date Crumble can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe, coffee shops, sweet shops and at homes too as a dessert. It can also be served on weekend lunches or dinners. It can also be served at small get togethers. It can also be served to kids as a healthy meal in breakfast, lunch or any time they feel hungry.

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