apple_shakeApple shake is a healthy, nutritious and energetic drink or beverage. For making fresh shake of Apple Shake at home only few things are required fresh apples, blender, milk, sugar and ice cubes.

Apple Shake Made At Home Is Best:

Apple Shake made at home is very much healthy, refreshing, cooling and yummy shake that is why it is best to made at home with your own hands.

Apples Are One Of The Best Source Of Soluble & insoluble fibre In Apple Shake:

For Making an Apple Shake apples are such one of the best sources of soluble and insoluble fibre. Apples are also one of the most nutritious fruit that can be advised by the doctors to be eaten at least one per day.

Recipe Of Apple Shake:

Preparation time 5-7 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Apple 4-5 (skin peeled & sliced)
Milk 4-5 cups chilled
Sugar 5-6 tbsp
Ice cubes As required

Instruction For Making:

1. Firstly take apples and peel of the skin then cut in to cubes or slices it is up to you.

2. Then take a blender add apples, sugar and milk and then blend it till it becomes in smooth paste drinkable and no chunks of apples are found.

3. Then add ice cubes and blend it again for a minute.

4. Now take out all shake in a serving jug or glasses and if you found froth on top and you dont want to put in serving then strain it before with the help of strainer.

Apple Shake Have Natural Healing Properties:

Apple Shake have natural healing properties because of having apples in this. Actually apples have natural healing properties as they are sweet in taste, nourishing and light to digest easily, cleanses the digestive tract and contains many anti-oxidant compounds.

Variation In Apple Shake:

You can make Apple Shake more variable by adding other fruits or some of vegetables with this of your own choice. You can also make it Apple Shake more variable and healthy by adding banana in it or in vegetable you can also add carrot in it to make it ore healthy.

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