almond-teaBadam Tea is a tarditional drink/tea that have an excellent taste and very much refreshing. Badam Tea is also very enriching and a luscious beverage taken at any time whenever you want to drink it. Badam Tea can be prepared with very few ingredients and the main ingredient of this Badam Tea is badam, milk, tea leaves and sugar.

Badam Tea Is Healthy & Beneficial:

Badam Tea is very much healthy and beneficial for health just because of the almonds using in this recipe. Badam have many nutritional values as badam help reduce cholestrol and using in ayurvedic medicines by beleiving that badam have inflammatory and immunity boosting effect and that badams are beneficial for both brian and nervous system.

Recipe Of Badam Tea:

Preparation time 20 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Sugar 1-2 tsp
Almonds finely powdered 2 tbsp
milk 1/2 cup
Tea powder 2 tsp
Water1.1/2 cup

Instruction For Making:

1. Take a pan add milk and almonds powder in it and heat for few minutes till the milk gets boiled nicely.

2. Now strain the milk and keep aside.

3. Now take another pan and add water and tea leaves/powder when they start boiling and tea is ready then remove it from fire.

4. Now take serving cups and first pour the almond milk in to cups then place a strainer individually on each cup and pour the tea waterin to it. Repeat the process for each cup.

5. Now remove the strainer and add sugar as per taste in each cup and stirr the tea well.
Variation In Badam Tea:

Badam Tea is already a very versatile beverage drink/tea but you can make it more variable and tasty according to your choice by adding condensed milk in it or put some froth over it. Choice is all yours.

Badam Tea Served:

Badam Tea can be served as per your choice whenever you want to drink it. Badam Tea is usually taken after meal as a dessert instead of any dessert.

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