Balti Zafrani Chicken is the most popular dish among all Pakistani all over the world. This dish is very much delicious, mouthwatering, spicy and scrumptious. This is made with very easy and less ingredients by adding saffron to make it more delicious and aromatic which brings a new flavour to your dish and chicken.

Balti Zafrani Chicken Rich Creamy:

This dish is rich creamy in taste and texture because of these ingredients like butter, cream and cashewnuts. These all ingredients make this dish rich creamy in taste and texture.

Balti Zafrani Chicken Has Especial Tastes In It:

This is a dish which has some especial tastes in it. When you take any single bite in each bite you can feel nice flavours which can be enhance your taste buds and you will gonna love it and have it for your meal.

Yogurt Gives Little Tangy Taste To Your Balti Zafrani Chicken:

Yogurt can give little tangy taste to your dish because when you add with other spices and chicken it produce a tangy taste which you will be definitely like it.

Saffron Is The Most Important Ingredient Of Your Dish:

While making Balti Zafrani Chicken saffron is the most important and the main ingredient of this dish. Without adding saffron you cannot name this dish zafrani. Make it sure you have it and add this while making this dish.

Balti Zafrani Chicken Variation:

This dish can be make more variable by adding few more ingredients which gonaa make this dish more variable in taste and texture. You can also add green chilies while serving. You can also add julian ginger in it.

Balti Zafrani Chicken Served:

This dish can be usually served at restaurants, dhabas and at homes as a side dish or main dish. It can also be served with any type of naan, qulcha and roti. It can also be served with matar pulao and zeera rice

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