Biscuit Jelly Dessert is a very easy, quick and delicious dessert that can be made by anybody by following this recipe. Biscuit Jelly Dessert is very much delicious, mouthwatering, sweet, creamy and scrumptious dessert which can be loved by all to eat. This Biscuit Jelly Dessert can please every one on a table and make happy all your family, friends and guests.

Biscuit Jelly Dessert Delectable & Quick Dessert:

Biscuit Jelly Dessert is a dessert which can be make in very less time even if you have a surprise guest visiting your home without any information you can easily make this dessert to make them cherish that is why this Biscuit Jelly Dessert called quick and delectable dessert.

Biscuit Jelly Dessert Made With:

Biscuit Jelly Dessert can be made with biscuit plain, strawberry jelly, strawberry jam, walnuts chopped, fresh milk, corn flour, sugar and fresh cream as required.

Recipe Of Biscuit Jelly Dessert:

Preparation time 25-35 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Biscuit 1 packet
Strawberry jelly 1 packet
Strawberry jam 1 cup
Walnuts chopped 1 cup
Fresh milk 1/2 liter
Corn flour 2 tbsp
Sugar 1 cup
Fresh Cream as required

Instruction For Making:

1. Take a pan put fresh milk in to it and boil, when milks boil add sugar in to it, when the sugar dissolves,

2. Mix in corn flour in some cold milk and add this mixture in the warm milk and sugar mixture in a pan. Cook it till it thickens. and become in form of custard. Now custard is ready. keep aside for cool.

3. Now take a big dish and layer down crushed biscuits, put custard on it. put some strawberry jam and jelly pieces. Then add in chopped walnut and a beaten fresh cream on the top.

4. Garnish it with chopped walnuts, jelly pieces and fresh cream and keep it in a refrigerator for chilled. Serve chilled.

Variation In Biscuit Jelly Dessert:

Biscuit Jelly Dessert can be make more variable by adding few more ingredients like you can make custard of strawberry flavor instead of plain custard and you can also add any other nut instead of walnut like cashew nut, almonds and pistachios to make it more tasty according to your taste buds. Choice is all yours.

Biscuit Jelly Dessert Served:

Biscuit Jelly Dessert can be usually served at every restaurant and at homes too as a dessert which can be served after any meal in lunch or dinner. Biscuit Jelly Dessert can also be served in ice cream parlors as a single serving in a glass or sweet bowl to eat with a scoop of any ice cream of your own choice.

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