Black Pepper Beef mmmmmm yum yum this dish is the most delicious and quick recipe for all the beef lovers. This is really amazing recipe easy to make at home by your ownself with a very few and known ingredients which can be easily available in your kitchen. This is delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious, little spicy and fully tender and moist from inside outside both. In this dish you can feel the taste and aroma of black pepper that is why this dish called by this name.

Black Pepper Beef Taste & Texture:

This dish taste and texture is really very good. This dish is brown in color with velvety texture normal spicy taste. This texture can be made velvety by combining their delicious ingredients. Oyster sauce and dark soy sauce can make this sauce gravy better in taste, texture and color too.

Black Pepper Beef Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients beef under cut, onion, capsicum, salt, black pepper, chicken powder, garlic paste, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, red color, corn flour, oil, chili oil and spring onion.

Black Pepper Beef undone Without Marination:

This dish can be undone without doing marination of beef with few spices. This marination can make your beef fully tender and moist from inside outside and also blend the taste of all spices and sauces which you can feel in every bite.

Black Pepper Beef  Colorful Plus Tasty:

This dish is look beautiful and tasty by its presentation because this dish is brown in color and when you sprinkle spring onion on it this combination will make this dish appealing and tempting and tasty too.

Black Pepper Beef Variation:

This dish can be made more variable by adding few more ingredients which can be definitely make your dish more tempting. You can also sprinkle sesame seeds for garnishing and it will look good too.

Black Pepper Beef Served:

This can be usually served at any restaurant and at homes too. It can also be served with any type of fried rice like vegetable fried rice or cumin fried rice. Some people also like to eat with vegetable or egg fried noodles. You can also have it as it is along with garlic bread or dinner roll.

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