Yum yum Brinjal In Pasta sounds very delicious and healthy. This is the recipe which you can haven’t tried yet i must say. This recipe which i am going to share with you is very much tasty, newer, with a very known ingredients, quick and easy to make at your homes. This recipe once you make you will have craving of making at eating when ever you are thinking of making pasta. This recipe dish have a unique in taste because of using brinjals with pasta these both can make your dish tempting.

Brinjal In Pasta Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients brinjals, extra virgin olive oil, dried oregano, red chili flakes, garlic cloves finely sliced, fresh basil, white vinegar, chopped tomatoes, salt, freshly grounded black pepper, pasta or spaghetti packet whole and parmesan cheese grated.

Brinjal In Pasta Unique And Aromatic Flavor:

This recipe when you make you can feel the unique taste and aroma in to your dish. This recipe is flavorful, full of unique taste due to brinjal cooked in other ingredients. It can produce unique taste and the herbs using to make it fully aromatic and flavor these are oregano and fresh basil.

Variation In Brinjal In Pasta:

This dish is already a unique and variable itself but you can make it more variable by adding few more ingredients to make it more delicious either flavorful.  You can add those ingredients which don’t destroy the taste.

Brinjal In Pasta Served:

This dish can be usually served at any restaurant and at homes too as a side dish or some times people can have it as a main course. You can try this main course by serving this dish along with any type of bread, garlic bread or cheese bread or dinner roll and with any type of soup of your own choice. This can make your dish the complete meal for lunch or dinner. Choice is all yours.

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