Caramel Chocolate Bars are the most delicious and delightful caramelized chocolate dessert bars, which can be eaten mostly by all who love chocolate and the flavor of caramel. Caramel Chocolate Bars can be made with the layers of biscuit, caramel then chocolate. These layers can be give yummilicious taste in every bite.

Caramel Chocolate Bars Made With:

Caramel Chocolate Bars can be made with for biscuit all you need is flour, unsalted butter, caster sugar, baking powder, vanilla essence, egg and salt. For the caramel you need butter, brown sugar, condensed milk and golden or corn syrup. For the chocolate layer you need only milk chocolate or dark chocolate choice is yours according to your taste buds.

Recipe Of Caramel Chocolate Bars:

Preparation time 45-50 minutes
Serves 5-6 people


For the Biscuit:

Unsalted butter 227 gm
Caster sugar 85 gm
Egg 1
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Flour 250 g
Salt 1/2 tsp

For the Caramel:

Butter 1/2 cup
Brown sugar 1/2 cup
Condensed milk 1/2 cup
Golden or corn syrup 1/2 cup

For Chocolate Topping:

Milk chocolate (cut into pieces) 240 gm

Instruction For Making:

1. Beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Add egg and the vanilla essence. Next, add the flour and salt. Bake at 150 degrees C for 20-30 minutes.

2. Combine butter, condensed milk, brown sugar, and golden syrup in a pan and cook till butter melts and mixture is slightly thick.

3. Pour over the crust once it is cold.

4. Once the caramel has set, cut into size pieces you desire. For best results, chill them in the freezer to firm up.

5. Dip the bars in the melted chocolate and place on waxed paper to set. Store in the fridge.

Variation In Caramel Chocolate Bars:

Caramel Chocolate Bars can be made more variable by adding some nuts of your choice like walnuts, cashewnuts, almonds or unsalted peanuts to make it more delicious, crunchy and nutty in taste.

Caramel Chocolate Bars Perfect Dessert:

Caramel Chocolate Bars can be served as a dessert in parties at home and it can also be served at restaurants in a buffet menu. This Caramel Chocolate Bars can also be given to your kids in their lunch boxes or can be made at birthday parties easily at home.

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