Woohhhoooooooooooo corn is almost all favorites in different ways and when it caramilized it will become more delicious, Oh my God iam drooling after reading this name of recipe because i love to eat corn in any way. I hope all corn lovers can also like this recipe of Caramel Corn. This is the recipe which can be famous in kids especially because of its flavor as we all know kids like sweet taste mostly so the taste of caramel make these corns out of the world and kids will gonna enjoy this. See the full recipe and you will find that oh this is so easy to made at home by your own self so what are you waiting for ? Go get the things and make it rite now… seriously this is so easy and delicious.

Caramel Corn Undone Without Caramelized It:

Yes this is most important as you can also understand after seeing the name if this recipe that caramilize corns is the most important part of making this recipe because the whole recipe is based on caramel and if you don’t caramilized it then how kids will love to eat it…

Caramel Corn Can Be Made With:

This can be made with these ingredients brown sugar, caster sugar, butter, condensed milk, vanilla essence, baking soda and pop corns.

Caramel Corn Incomplete Without Pop Corns:

Offcourse without pop corns how you will be able to make this recipe 🙂 …… the very first thing you need to accomplish the recipe is you have pop corns this is your choice you can make it yourself at home or buy it from shop, store or from pop corn stall.

Caramel Corn People Like It As A Dessert Too:

Yes some people who are not fond of eating pure desserts or sweets they can fill their craving of sweet tooth by having this as a dessert after any meal or at any time.

Caramel Corn Served:

This can be served as a sweet snack or dessert. This can also be served in lunch boxes of your kids. This can also be served while watching movie on weekend in a gathering of family or friends.

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