Caramel Squares are the most delicious and delightful caramalized dessert bars, which can be eaten mostly by all who love the flavor of caramel. This is the recipe which is fully loaded with sweet taste because all ingredients for making this recipe is already very much sweet itself. So hurry up go get the ingredients by following the recipe and make it your self at home and serve it to your family, friends, kids and guests to cherish them. This recipe will definitely full fill your sweet tooth. The aromatic flavor and taste of caramel make this more delicious.

Caramel Squares Can Be Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, evaporated milk, cream, butter and vanilla essence.

Caramel Squares A Perfect Dessert:

This recipe become a perfect dessert if you can make it by following the correct ratio of ingredients and follow the steps for making it then it will turn a delicious sweet dessert with the perfect taste and it will become a perfect dessert among your all family members, your friends, kids and especially for guests, they will visit you randomly for eating this :).

Caramel Squares Variation:

This can be make more variable by adding some more ingredients like you can add chocolate or biscuits crumb or any kind of nuts of your own choice.

Caramel Squares Served:

This can be usually served at any restaurant, coffe shops, cafe and at homes too as a dessert. This can also be served in the lunch boxes of your kids. This can also be served in the birthday parties, small get togethers, weekend dinners or lunches. This can also mostly served in buffets menu.

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