cheekoCheeko Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian Subcontinent. Cheeko Kulfi is made of ripe Cheekos, evaporated milk, cream, sugar, and also in modern recipe of Cheeko Kulfi chefs use condensed milk in it.

Origin Of Cheeko Kulfi:

Cheeko Kulfi is popular throughout places such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), and the Middle East, and widely available in Indian and Pakistani restaurants in Australia, Europe, East Asia and North America.

Recipe Of Cheeko Kulfi:

Preparation Time 30-40 Minutes
Serving 5-6 People.


evaporated milk chilled  1 tin
condensed milk chilled  1 tin
bread plain  2 slices
khoya  1/2 cup
sapota blended  4
rose water  1 tbsp
fresh cream  1 packet
ice cream molds  as required

Instructions For Cooking:

1.In a blender put all together 1 tin chilled evaporated milk, 1 tin chilled condensed milk, 2 Bread slices, 1/2 cup khoya,
4 blended sapota, 1 tbsp rose water, 1 packet cream and blend well,

2.fill in Qulfi mold, freeze till firm.

Variation In Cheeko Kulfi:

Cheeko Kulfi is also eaten with newer variations with adding another flavoured kulfis with it, with 1 scoop of Cheeko kulfi you can also take another scoop of your other choice flavour of kulfi to give it a newer taste and enjoy double flavours at a time.

Uses Of Cheeko Kulfi:

Cheeko kulfi is a frozen dairy dessert which is usually enjoyed in summers at any time and especially it is enjoyed in parties after meal and also in Eid. Cheeko Kulfi is everyone’s favourite flavour kulfi and it is traditionally served chilled in a dessert bowls or frozen on to a stick with garnishing of nuts of your choice.

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