Cheeeeeeeessseeeeeeeeeeee i love cheese you also like it or <3  it ? I know you people most of them are also like it. This recipe of  Cheesy Saucy Pasta is a fully loaded with cheese and saucy with the ingredients which can be cook together to make this dish more tempting, delicious, mouthwatering and scrumptious. This is a recipe which can be made with the very known and easily available ingredients and most of the ingredients are already in your fridge or kitchen cabinet, go and check it and if you have it then what are you waiting for make it rite now and enjoy your lunch or dinner by having this delicious dish.

Cheesy Saucy Pasta Undone Without Cheese:

This recipe surely undone without adding cheese. If you don’t add cheese in it then it will undone and not become tasty because cheese can give a rich creamy aromatic flavor to this dish which will tantalizing your taste buds.

Saucy Texture Can Make This Cheesy Saucy Pasta More Delectable:

For making this recipe the ingredients we can use for making saucy texture are the most important ingredients for making this dish. These ingredients produce nice tangy flavor to your dish and when you combine with the cheese and pasta this will turn out the most delectable dish for sure.

Cheesy Saucy Pasta Can Be Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients chicken breast, garlic crushed, salt , black pepper, oregano leaves, oil and penne pasta. For sauce you need onion, garlic, salt, tomato puree, red chili crushed, black pepper, chicken powder, sugar, oregano, olives chopped, jalapeno chopped, cream cheese, cream, water and oil.

Cheesy Saucy Pasta Variation:

You can make it more variable by adding few more ingredients like you can add capsicum of different colors, peas and carrots to make it more variable, tasty and colorful.

Cheesy Saucy Pasta Served:

This can be usually served at any restaurant, fast food shops, cafe and at homes too as a side dish or some time as a main dish. This can also be served as it is because some people like to eat as it is. This can also be served along with steamed vegetables, french fries, garlic bread or dinner roll.

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