Chicken Cheese Paratha is a vey tasty and delicious cheesy paratha recipe which can be made with chicken, cheese and spices.
This paratha is really very much easy to make by yourself. Chicken Cheese Paratha can make your family, friends,
gusets and kids very happy to eat this.

Chicken Cheese Paratha Healthy Version In Parathas:

Chicken Cheese Paratha is a very tasty and healthy variation of other parathas. Chicken and Cheese make these Paratha very much healthy and nutritious for all especially for kids.

Chicken Cheese Paratha Made With:

Chicken Cheese Paratha can be made with chicken mince (used for samosa), grated cheddar cheese, all purpose patti (samosa patti/roll patti) and oil for frying. or you can make these with your simple dough roll a dough ball then fill this filling and make your paratha as simple as you make it.

Recipe Of Chicken Cheese Paratha:

Preparation time 40-45 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Chicken Mince of Samosa 500 grams
Grated Cheddar Cheese 1 cup
All purpose patti For filling
Oil For frying

Instruction For Cooking:

1. In the already cooked and cooled mince, add the grated cheese.

2. Take the all purpose patti to make the parathas. or you can make normal parathas with the dough by filling this chicken
cheese filling.

Variation In Chicken Cheese Paratha:

Chicken Cheese Paratha can me make more variable by adding sweet corns, olives and jalapenos in to its stuffing mixture to make it more delicious, healthy, nutritious and colorful by taste and texture.

Served Chicken Cheese Paratha:

Chicken Cheese Paratha can be usually served at restaurants, dhabas (local cafes) and homes too at breakfast. This paratha can also be served at lunch time as a complete meal for all. Chicken Cheese paratha can also be served with any dip sauce of your choice and also it can be served at iftar and sehri in the month of ramazan.

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