After reading the name of the recipe you think that oh we are already habitual of making this so whats new in this. No i can say that you must try this recipe because this recipe of Chicken Chowmein is totally different from other recipes of noodles, pasta and spaghetti this is a must try. Just try once after that you can forget the previous recipe which you were following and you will start making this recipe. This dish is very much delicious, colorful, tasty, spicy, easy to make, mouthwatering, hot and scrumptious.

Chicken Chowmein A Hearty Dish:

This is a hearty dish loaded with marinated chicken, vegetables and plenty of glorious noodles which can make this dish  a hearty dish among other noodle recipes.

Chicken Chowmein Can Be Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients for chicken marination you can take chicken boneless cut into strips, salt, black pepper, soy sauce and corn flour. For Sauce you can take soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, szechuan sauce, chili sauce, salt, black pepper and red chili crushed. For Noodles you can take egg noodles, carrot julienne, capsicum julienne, cabbage julienne, ginger julienne, garlic crushed, spring onion and oil.

Chicken Chowmein Make With 4 Steps:

This dish can be make with these 4 important steps if you can follow these step then definitely your dish comes out alot alot delicious. These steps are

1, Marination of chicken.
2. Stir fry vegetables
3. Boiled noodles properly and
4. Making sauce.

Chicken Chowmein Variation:

This recipe is already a versatile and delicious perfect recipe itself but you can make it more variable by adding these ingredients. You can add mushrooms and  sweet corns to make it more delicious, colorful and healthy.

Chicken Chowmein Served:

This can be mostly served at every restaurant and at homes too in dinner or lunch time. It can also be served as a side dish or some people have it as their main dish. It can be served with garlic bread, bran bread, garlic cheese bread and with dinner rolls to make it a complete meal.

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