Oh Woww delicious, mouthwatering iam start drooling seriously after reading the name of the recipe, iam sure you can also start drooling after making this recipe and having a craving of eating this immediately after making this. This recipe of Chicken Delight is amazing, tasty, delicious, mouthwatering, tempting, mild spicy, scrumptious, crispy and golden in color from outside. This recipe is new in town and i can say this is a must try.

Chicken Delight Undone Without Marination:

This recipe can be undone without marination because this marination of chicken is must to make this recipe more delicious, fully tender, moist and tasteful.

Chicken Delight Can Be Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients chicken boneless and each breast piece can be cut into 4 strips and flattened. For marination you need garlic, soy sauce, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, hoisen sauce, dry flour, egg beaten and fresh bread crumbs.

Chicken Delight Unfinish Without Fresh Bread Crumbs:

This recipe can be unfinish without bread crumbs and make it sure that bread crumbs must be fresh because if you can  use old and moist bread crumbs then your dish cannot be turn out delicious. It cannot be look and taste fresh. So fresh bread crumbs can make your recipe delicious.

Chicken Delight Variation:

I think this dish cannot required any variation because this dish is already a delightful recipe an variable itself. Choice is all yours.

Chicken Delight Served:

This dish can be served at any restaurant, fast food shops and at homes too as a main dish or a side dish. This can also be served along with french fries. This can also be served with steamed vegetables. This can also be served along with any dip sauce or ketchup.

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