Chicken Kalonji sounds delicious. This recipe i haven’t tried before but now i have the recipe of making chicken with a new taste and ingredients so you can also have a look at the recipe and make it try. This is a yummy, flavorful and spicy dry gravy masala dish. Its ingredients especially nigella seeds gives it a nice aroma and spicy flavor to this chicken recipe. Thi is a most favourite dish among all. This is a tangy and spicy and all masala nicely coated to the chicken. Kalonji gives a nice and new taste to your chicken.

Chicken Kalonji Can Be Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients chicken, ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, salt, yogurt, onion raw and grind, nutmeg, maze grinded, green cardamom, all spice mixed, oil, nigella seeds and coriander leaves fresh.

Chicken Kalonji Undone Without Nigella Seeds: 

This dish can be undone without adding nigella seeds because as the name of the recipe it already shows that this is the most important ingredient to make this dish. Nigella seeds can gives new taste to your chicken ad its also look good visible on chicken pieces.

Chicken Kalonji Health Benefits:

This dish can become healthy dish for the health of all because of using nigella seeds. All we know that nigella seeds have alot benefits for the health of all. This is good for hairs also. So this dish become healthy and nutritious because when chicken and nigella seeds cook together it will become healthy and nutritious dish.

Chicken Kalonji Variation:

This dish can be make more variable by adding green chilies for garnishing and also make a flower of tomato this will make your dish beautifully presented and colorful also.

Chicken Kalonji Served:

This dish can be usually served at any restaurant, dhabas and at homes too as a main dish. This dish can be served with any type of naan, qulcha, roti, chapati and paratha. This can also be served along with any type of raita and salad.


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