Chicken Saucy Vegetables yummy this dish is super delicious in which chicken and vegetables cook in the delicious sauce which can make this dish full of tastes, healthy, nutritious and colorful. This dish is so appealing and tempting because of its ingredients. This recipe can be easy to make for your family, friends and guests. Once they taste it they will ask for the recipe and want to eat every time when you invite them. This dish fully loaded with the nutritions because chicken and vegetable cook together and gives you all nutritions according to your health need.

Chicken Saucy Vegetables Can Be Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients for the chicken you need chicken boneless cubed, flour, corn flour, egg, soy sauce, salt and black pepper. For vegetables you need mushrooms sliced, ginger sliced, sweet corn, garlic chopped, capsicum julienne, carrot julienne, cabbage julienne, whole red chilies, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, black pepper, water and corn flour.

Chicken Saucy Vegetables Done With Marination:

This recipe can be done with marination of chicken. This marination of chicken is the first step to make this recipe. That is why it is important to marinate your chicken first this marination will make your chicken fully moist, juicy and tender from inside.

Chicken Saucy Vegetable Variation:

This recipe is already a versatile itself because almost all the ingredients are in it to make it delicious, tasty, healthy, nutritious and colorful. So there is no need to make it more variable. But you can make variation in presentation of dish by garnishing of spring onion cut into diamond shape.

Chicken Saucy Vegetable Served:

This recipe can be served usually at any restaurant and at homes too. This dish can be served as a main dish or some times as a side dish too. This dish can be served with any type of fried rice like egg fried rice or with plain steamed rice too. This dish can be eaten with plain pasta by some people.

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