Oh my my this recipe of Chicken Tempura is all time favorite recipe of mine and all of them too who like to eat white meat chicken which will be good in taste and sooper dooper  delicious, tempting, crispy, tender and fully moist. Here is the recipe which can be fulfil all your demands and your tummy too. This recipe is a lot delicious, crispy, full of flavor. fully tender and moist from inside and golden brown crispy texture from outside. This recipe is easy to make at homes now without taking so much time. This recipe will cherish your family, friends, kids and guests. So what are you waiting for go grab the ingredients  make it and enjoyyy.

Chicken Tempura Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients chicken breast piece cut into fingers, flour, salt, vinegar, water and baking soda.

Chicken Tempura Most Eaten Appetizer:

This dish is the most eaten appetizer among all in all over the world. This dish can be most eaten at the fast food shops or restaurants. This the most eaten appetizer because its taste is so delicious and tempting which can be like by all to eat chicken in this way.

Chicken Tempura Variation:

This recipe of Chicken Tempura can be already a versatile and complete recipe and we don’t need to make it variable by adding more ingredients because it will destroy and distaste your chicken.

Chicken Tempura Served:

This recipe can be served usually at any restaurant, fast food restaurant or shop and at home as a appetizer. This can also be served at small get togethers, weekend dinners, evening tea or at birthday parties. This can be served along with any type of dip, sauce and ketchup of your choice. This can also be served along with the french fries.


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