Chocolate Pudding is the most delicious dessert recipe among all puddings. It can be loved by all age group people and especially loved by all chocolate lovers. This recipe is easy to make at home by your ownself. After making this once you have craving of eating and making this delicious pudding all the time. This pudding is sweet, chocolaty, soft, delicious, mouthwatering and scrumptious. This pudding is famous and most eating dessert all over the world because of its main ingredient chocolate.

Chocolate Pudding Made With:

This recipe can be made with butter, sugar (golden or normal caster sugar), butter for greasing, plain chocolate broken, eggs, flour and icing sugar. Ice cream to served with.

Chocolate Pudding Few Important Steps To Follow:

For making this dessert pudding you should keep in mind these few most important steps which can be follow according to the recipe as it is which are:

1. You should whisk eggs in a separate clean dry bowl.
2. Don’t melt chocolate on direct flame.
3. Wait until chocolate turn cold according to room temperature.
4. Keep in mind you can bake just for the given minutes in the recipe instructions.
5. Bake it until the puddings are puffed and set on the outside but still runny from inside.

Chocolate Pudding Variation:

This recipe of dessert pudding is already a versatile recipe itself but you can’t make it more variable by adding ingredients in it because it will ruined your recipe pudding and it cannot be perfect when you turn out to serve. So let it be itself.

Chocolate Pudding Served:

This dessert pudding can be mostly served at any restaurant, ice cream parlors and at homes too as a dessert. This can also be served at birthday parties, small get togethers, weekend lunch/dinner and in week days too. This can also be served along with a whipped cream and any flavor ice cream scoop of your own choice.

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