Cinnamon Roll Squares mmm you think after seeing this recipe name what is it ? is this squares made with cinnamon whole! no no these squares are made as other squares like plain tea cake batter. These are the most scrumptious, mouthwatering and delicious sweet savory which can be like and eaten by all age group people. This recipe can be become viral now a days and can be make almost in every second house. This recipe is little different from cinnamon rolls as you already picked it up after reading the name of the recipe.

Cinnamon Roll Squares Taste & Texture:

These squares are delicious, mild sweet, strong flavor of cinnamon, soft, fully moist and spongy. By adding cinnamon powder in a correct proportion gives a very nice aroma and taste of cinnamon to these squares. Yup these are really very much delicious and tasty in taste with a nice aroma of cinnamon you can feel in every bite.

Cinnamon Roll Squares Made With:

These squares can be made with flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon, salt, brown sugar, melted butter, vanilla essence, sugar and egg. For topping you need sugar and ground cinnamon. For glaze you need icing sugar, milk roughly and vanilla essence.

Cinnamon Roll Squares Variation:

These can be made more variable by adding raisins in a batter along with other nuts to make it more delicious in taste.

Cinnamon Roll Squares Served:

These can be served as it is with breakfast/evening tea. Cinnamon Squares can also be served as a dessert in small get togethers and parties arranged at home. These can also be served with the topping of fresh whipped cream or scoop of any ice cream of your choice.

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