coconutChutneyCoconut Chutni is a one of the great and a must accompaniment for many dishes. Coconut Chutni is one such natural and fresh raw food that can taste extremely wonderful when prepared with few right spices and ingredients.

Coconut Chutni Best For Breakfast:

Breakfast is a vital component for any human’s meal.  It is also said by many dieticians and doctors that breakfast is a must and should not to be avoided.  It is always good to have a healthy and balanced diet for the first meal of the day.  Coconut Chutni is one of the best balanced diets advised and suggested for any person.

Recipe Of Coconut Chutni:

Preparation time 20 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Cashew nuts 20 grams
Chopped ginger 1 piece
Chopped coriander few springs 2-3
Chopped green chilli 2-3
Curry leaves 1 spring
Cumin seeds 1 tbsp
Grated coocnut 1 half piece whole
Hing pinch
Mustard 1 tsp
Oil 2 tbsp
Red chilli 3 ptece
Salt 1 pinch
Tamarind paste or lime juice as required or 1 tsp
Urad wash black gram 1 tbsp

Instructions For Making:

1. Mix all ingredients coconut, ginger, green chillies, cashew, tamrind, salt and put in a blender to make fine paste.

2. Make tempering or tadka in hot oil add mustard , red chilli , cumin, urad dal hing , curry leaves and top it on chutney and serve.

Coconut Chutni Health Benefits:

A perfect blend of Coconut Chutni with different flavours and ingredients and the ease with which it can be prepared is a great example of tradition, health, nutrition and raw cuisine.

Uses Of Coconut Chutni:

Coconut Chutni can be served at any time with any meal of your own choice. Coconut Chutni is especially very good to be eaten with any bread or bun or have it with daal chawal is also gives good taste to your meal.

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