Coconut Ladoo is a very sweet and fascinating for sweet and coconut lovers. Coconut Ladoo is vey easy to made with few ingredients in very less time. All you need to made this recipe is desiccated coconut, condensed milk, saffron, milk and silver verq to coat and garnishing.

Coconut Ladoo Is Popular Due To Its Ease Of Preparation:

Coconut Ladoo is popular due to its ease of preparation, this recipe is also known as jhat pat ladoo recipe. Every one want to make it whenever they want to eat some sweet because of its ease preparation.

Coconut Ladoo Also Known As Delectable White Ladoos:

Coconut Ladoo is also known as delectable white ladoo which have nice aroma of roasted coconut with perfectly nutty flavor of white coconut.

Recipe Of Coconut Ladoo:

Preparation time 25-30 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Desiccated coconut 250 gm
Condensed milk 1/3 tin
Saffron a pinch
Milk 2 tbsp
Silver warq to coat

Instruction For Making:

1. In a bowl mix together coconut and condensed milk.

2. Soak saffron in milk.

3. Make semi dry dough.

4. Add the saffron milk and mix again.

5. Make laddoos of the desired shape and size.

6. Coat with silver warq and serve.

Coconut Ladoo Succulent & Juicy:

Coconut ladoo are more succulent and juicy from inside due to using condensed milk in it which enhance its taste and texture.

Coconut Ladoo Also Made By Kids:

Coconut Ladoo also made by kids to having fun in the kitchen you can ask kids to help and roll ladoos of all shapes and sizes with the cooled mixture.

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