cold coffeeCold Coffee is a cold variant of coffee. The iced latte and iced mocha are examples. Cold Coffee is commonly served with ice cream and whipped cream. Cold Coffee may also include syrup, fresh cream, cocoa powder and/or coffee beans. The result is something like an un-blended milk shake.

Origin Of Cold Coffee:

One of iced coffee’s main roots stems back to the 17th century in  Vienna.  After the Turkish army unsuccessfully besieged the city of  Vienna, they left behind a substantial surplus of coffee beans.

Recipe Of Cold Coffee:

Preparation Time 15-20 Minutes
Serving 3-4 People


Fresh milk  2 cup (chilled)
Choclate  1/2 cup
Fresh cream  as required
Choclate ice cream/vanilaa ice cream
Instant Coffee  2 tbsp
Ice crushed  as required

Instructions For Preparing:

1.In a blender blend together the milk along with coffee, choclate and half of cream.

2.Then blend in the ice cream until smooth. Add crushed ice if required

3.Pour the cold coffee in serving glasses.

4.Garnish with grated chocolate and a dollop of cream.

Variation In Cold Coffee:

There  are various methods of making Cold Coffee, with the fundamental  division being cold brew – brewing the coffee cold yielding different  flavors generally by  simply pouring over ice or into ice cold milk. Condensed milk is also  used in making some Cold Coffees to make it more delicious and it gives  different taste.

Uses Of Cold Coffee:

Cold Coffee may be served already chilled, or poured hot over ice. Cold Coffee can be served with whipped cream on top for a layered  effect and garnished with choclate chips, vanilla ice cream and sprinkle coffee powder. It is a  common menu item at  restaurants and works well after a spicy meal.


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