Crispy Chicken Sticks are one of the popular chicken fried recipe made with a ingredients which can make your chicken super delicious and tempting. This recipe is a lot easy to make at home by your own self but its important to follow the recipe steps properly and combine together the correct ratio and proportion of ingredients to make it perfect delicious. This is a recipe which can be loved by all especially by kids because they can love to have it in their lunch boxes too.

Most Of Us Are Fond Of Crispy Chicken Sticks:

This is a recipe which is very popular among all age group because of this delicious taste and crunchiness of fresh bread crumbs make it more delicious to eat, that is why most of us are fond of these sticks of chicken.

Crispy Chicken Sticks Taste & Texture:

These sticks can be comes out in a deliciously tasty chicken boneless pieces batter coated with fresh bread crumbs which gives crispy and golden brown coating from outside.

Crispy Chicken Sticks Made With:

These sticks of chicken can be made with chicken boneless, milk, lemon juice, salt, flour, paprika powder, crushed black pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and oil for frying. To serve with you need honey mustard sauce, bbq sauce and butter milk ranch sauce.

Especial Tip For Making Crispy Chicken Sticks:

1. Don’t use olive oil for frying these sticks.

2. Also make sure that flour should be fresh for coating.

Served Crispy Chicken Sticks:

It can be usually served with tea as a snack at homes. This can also be served as a appetizer snack in restaurants buffet breakfast/lunch/high tea/dinner. This can also be served along with bbq sauce, buttermilk ranch sauce and honey mustard sauce. It can also be served along with coleslaw and french fries. Choice is all yours.

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