Daal Kay Kebab is made of lentils and spices and very famous kebab recipe in Pakistani and Indian cuisine. As Ramazan is over on head and this recipe of Daal Kay Kebab is very much easy, quick and delicious in this lentil and aromatic spices give it a perfect taste and loved by all. Not all kebabs have to be meaty must try this delicious, spicy and tasty kebab recipe.

Daal Kay Kebab Healthy & Nutritious:

Daal Kay Kebab is very much healthy and nutritious for the health of all. As we all knows lentils are a biggest source of protein and high in fibre which is good for the health of all.

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Daal Kay Kebab Made With:

Daal Kay Kebab can be made with bengal gram boiled, onions, mint leaves, green chillies, potatoes boiled, eggs, garam masala powder, salt, ginger garlic paste, finely chopped ginger, mace powder, whole cumin seeds, whole coriander seeds, fennel seeds, crushed red chilli flakes and oil for frying.

Recipe Of Daal Kay Kebab:

Preparation time 30-45 minutes
Serves 5-6 people


Bengal Gram (Boiled) ½ kg
Onions 2
Mint Leaves ½ bunch
Green Chilies 6
Potatoes (Boiled) 2
Eggs 2
Garam Masala Powder 1 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tbsp
Finely Chopped Ginger 1 tbsp
Mace ½ tsp
Whole Cumin Seeds 2 tsp
Whole Coriander 2 tsp
Fennel Seeds 2 tsp
Crushed Red Chili 2 tbsp
Oil as required

Instruction For Making:

1. Now, in a pan add boiled Bengal gram , water, Whole cumin seeds, crushed red chilli, salt, fennel seeds, ginger garlic paste, mace, garam masala powder let it cook on low flame for 20 minutes.

2. Heat on high flame, water dries and cool it.

3. In a chopper, chopped lentils mixture and boiled potatoes.

4. After this, add beaten eggs, mint leaves, green chilies, onions and finely chopped ginger.

5. In the end, make the kabab and fry as required oil.

6. Delicious Daal Kay Kebab is ready.

Variation In Daal Kay Kebab:

There are many variations in Daal Kay Kebab but this one is absolute favourite for everyone. You can also add fresh coriander leaves and achaar masala or chaat masala to give it a tangy taste which make it more variable.

Daal Kay Kebab Served:

Daal Kay Kebab can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba, cafe, small cabins in local markets and at homes too as a most favourite snack in ramazan too. Daal Kay Kebab can also be served along with any type of chutni, dip, ketchup or with garlic mayo or plain mayo sauce.

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