Dahi Chanp is the most delicious recipe of mutton or beef meat. This recipe is very much easy to make for dinner or lunch. This can also be loved by all of your family members, your friends and your guests too. This recipe of mutton or beef meat is so delicious, mouthwatering, little spicy, tangy and versatile among other chanps recipes. This recipe can be made with the all known and easily available ingredients which can be mostly available in your kitchen or fridge all the time so don’t you worry for making this get up and start working on it you have the ingredients below follow the steps and make your family cherish and happy.

Dahi Chanp Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients chanps (chops) mutton or beef, ginger and garlic paste, red chili powder, salt, all spice powder heaped, brown onions, oil and cumin seeds. Fr topping you need yogurt, salt, garlic paste, fresh coriander leaves, green chilies finely chopped and coal for smoke.

Dahi Chanp Is Delicious & Different:

This is the recipe of chops of mutton or beef meat according to your choice you can select meat of your choice for making this recipe dish. This is so different and delicious from other chops recipes which you can be making since years but trust me try this one too. This recipe is must try.

Coal Smoke Make This Dahi Chanp Different In Taste:

For making this dish different from other chops recipes coal smoke is playing the important role in making this dish different from others.

Variation In Dhai Chanp:

This recipe is already a most versatile and newer recipe of making chops but you can make it more variable by adding few more ingredients to make it more delicious, colorful and tasty. You can add fresh mint leaves only while serving and onion rings for garnishing.

Dahi Chanp Served:

This can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba and at homes too as a side dish. This can be usually served  along with plain steamed rice or any fried rice. This can also be served with any type of raita and salad of your own choice.

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