Dhuadar Beef is one of the tasty, delicious, spicy and satisfactory meat dish to serve your family, friends and guests. Dhuadar Beef is really very much healthy recipe which is very much easy to make and gives you a unique taste of beef with coal smoke.

Dhuadar Beef Great Dish To Make At Occasion Or Weekend:

Dhuadar Beef is a great dish to make at any occasion or weekend at home. When meat cooked with spices and yogurt it develops a wonderful taste.

Dhuadar Beef Made With:

Dhuadar Beef can be made with beef/mutton, ginger garlic paste, onion, yogurt, all spice powder. chili powder, turmeric powder, green chili, lemon juice, coriander fresh leaves, mint leaves fresh, oil and piece of coal for smoke.

Recipe Of Dhuadar Beef:

Preparation time 40-45 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Beef/ mutton ½ kg
Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp
Onion 1 medium
Yogurt ½ cup
All spice powder ½ tsp
Chili powder 1 tsp
Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
Green chili 2 – 3
Coriander ¼ bunch
Mint leaves ¼ bunch
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Oil 4 tbsp
Coal 1 small piece

Instruction For Cooking:

1. First cut meat into medium cubes.

2. Next take a pan put this meat in the pan and add 1 Tb. Sp of ginger garlic paste, yogurt, all spice powder, chili powder, turmeric powder and water cook it on medium flame till the meat becomes tender and water get dry.

3. After that leave until it become cool, and then shred the meat.

4. Now take another pan, put oil in it and add onion fry it till golden brown then add 1 Tb. Sp. of ginger garlic paste fry it just for few minutes.

5. Next add shredded meat in that pan fold and cook it on medium flame for few minutes add little water if required, leave it for 5 minutes on simmering flame.

6. After that add lemon juice, green chilies, coriander and mint leaves.

7. Finally place a red hot coal in that pan put a little oil on the coal and immediately cover it with a lid to give a coal smoke.

8. Serve hot with chapatti or fried paratha with any condiment.

Coal Smoke Gives Nice Aroma To Dhuadar Beef:

Dhuadar Beef recipe is finally finished with coal smoke given to it. This coal smoke has its own aroma when its given into meat/beef it tantalize your taste buds with nice aroma in every bite.

Dhuadar Beef Fancy & Perfect Dish:

Dhaudar Beef is a fancy recipe in all meat recipes and when you give smoke that make this dish perfect with an amazing taste and aroma.

Dhuadar Beef Served:

Dhuadar Beef can be served at any restaurant and at home too dine with this meat dish. Dhuadar Beef can also be served at occasions, Eid parties and also at weekends along with the any type of naan, paratha or roti with salad and raita of your own choice.

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