Fig Chutney is a very delicious little sweet, spicy and crunchy chutni recipe which can be very easy to made in a very quick time. This chutni can be mostly loved by all who love to eat fig in any form. Fig Chutni is a newer variety among all other chutnies.

Fig Chutni Healthy & Nutritious:

Fig Chutni is very much healthy and nutritious because of ingredients using to made this chutni. The main ingredient fig is very much healthy for healths due to its highly nutritions mixed with chicken stock to make it more healthy.

Fig Chutni Made With:

Fig Chutni can be made with fig, chicken stock, bay leaves and chaat masala.

Recipe Of Fig Chutni:

Preparation time 35-45 minutes
Serves 5-6 people


Dry figs 150 gm
Chicken stock 1/2 liter
Bay leaves 3
Chaat masala 1 tbsp

Instruction For Making:

1. For fig chutney, cut the figs in small chunks and put them in a pot along with the chicken stock, bay leaves and little chaat masala.

2. Cook it till a thick chutney consistency.

Fig Chutni Taste & Texture:

Fig Chutni is little sweet because of figs original taste, little spicy by adding chaat masala and thick in texture.

Fig Chutni Served:

Fig Chutni can be served with any type of pulao rice like zeera rice, matar pulao and daal chawal. It can also be eaten by spreading on bread or bun.

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