Fish With Spicy Sauce is very much delicious, quick and easy to made recipe for all the seafood or fish lovers. This is a dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine with Chinese and Pakistani and Indian origins and also popular in Nepal. This is semi cooked in a curry style before that fried with a coating of batter. This seafood recipe dish is a lot delicious, crispy pieces of fish combine together in a spicy sauce which can comes out a delectable, mouthwatering and scrumptious dish. Chili oil can give a nice glaze to this dish.

Origin Of Fish With Spicy Sauce:

The origin of this modern dish began in singapore with a chef wanting his South Indian style food to cater to a chinese customers who considered specially today in restaurants.

Fish With Spicy Sauce Made With:

This recipe dish can be made with these ingredients for marination boneless fish, salt, pepper, egg, flour and corn flour. For sauce you need onion sliced, green chili sliced, spring onion cut into 1 inch pieces, coriander leaves fresh finely chopped, garlic crushed, chili garlic sauce, dark soy sauce, oil, sweet sauce, chili oil and oyster sauce. Ingredients for making batter you need flour, corn flour, water and 5 spice powder.

Variation In Fish With Spicy Sauce:

This dish can be make more variable by adding few more ingredients. Otherwise this dish is already a versatile dish itself. But its you choice that you can add any other ingredient with keeping in mind that ingredient wond make your dish distaste or destroy or mess it.

Fish With Spicy Sauce Served:

This recipe dish can be usually served at any restaurant and at homes too as a side dish or main dish. Choice is according to your menu. This dish can also be served with any type of fried rice. Sometimes people like to have it with their favorite any type of noodles too.

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