Fish With Spicy Sauce is very much delicious, quick and easy to made recipe for all the seafood or fish lovers. It is a new and delectable dish to serve to your family, friends and guests too. Fish With Spicy Sauce is a dish which definitely gives a new taste to your taste buds and you will love to eat this every time whenever you have a craving of eating fish.

Fish With Spicy Sauce Done By 3 Steps:

Fish With Spicy Sauce done by 3 steps. One is to marinate the fish, second is to make batter and then dip the marinated fish in to it and fry them. The last and third one is to make sauce with the other remaining ingredients and add the fried crispy fish in to this sauce the delicious and mouth watering recipe is ready to eat.

Fish With Spicy Sauce Undone Without Marination:

Fish With Spicy Sauce undone without marinating the fish in given ingredients because this seasoning and ingredients giving a delicious taste in to the fish which you can feel in every bite while eating.

Fish With Spicy Sauce Taste & Texture:

Fish With Spicy Sauce is crispy fully tender pieces of fish dip in to spicy glazed sauce which is fully spicy, tangy, little sweet and yummy mouthwatering.

Fish With Spicy Sauce Served:

Fish With Spicy Sauce can be usually served at any restaurant and at home too as a main dish. It can also be served with any fried rice or with noodles choice is all yours.


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