Fruit Wonton is an elegant way of enjoying your fruits in this way. This is very much healthy and nutritious recipe for all. As we all know that how much fruits are important and healthy for our health. To eat fruit in this way is alot enjoyable and yes newer to all of us. This recipe is very much easy to made at homes by yourself in a very quick time.

Fruit Wonton Newer & Delicious Dessert For All:

Fruit Wonton is a very much delicious and newer recipe of dessert for all. It can be surely love by all to eat their fruits their favorite fruits in this way. This is also eaten as a dessert for all age group people.

Fillings Of Fruit Wonton According To Your Choice:

Fillings of this can be usually done with your choice and you can make it your wonton’s according to your favorite fruits and whatever you want to fill in it any flavor syrup or any flavor ice cream.

Fruit Wonton Made With:

It can be made with fresh fruits, or fruit canned, sugar syrup, fresh full cream, wonton wraps, oil for frying, vanilla ice cream, fruit puree/ chocolate syrup and icing sugar for dust.

Variation In Fruit Wonton:

You can also Make your Fruit Wonton more delicious by adding some dry fruits or nuts of your own choice. you can also use strawberry syrup instead of  chocolate syrup. Choice is all yours.

Fruit Wonton Served:

Fruit Wonton can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe, bakery, coffe shop and at home as a dessert. It can also be served at birthday parties and small get togethers at homes. It can also be served on weekends after dinner as a dessert. It can also be served along with any type of ice cream of your choice.

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