dahi-homemadeHome Made Curd (yogurt) is a curd that can easily made at home which is very easy to prepare with luke warm milk and a teaspoon of yogurt. This Home Made Curd is very useful and easy to make so you people can try at home easily any time before using time of 6-8 hours.

Home Made Curd Is Also Called A Dairy Product:

Home made Curd is also called or known as dairy product because it is made by curdling milk or it can be made with milk which comes from dairy that is why it is also include in dairy products.

Buffalo Milk Is Used To Make Good & Thick Home Made Curd:

Buffalo milk is used to make good and thick Home Made Curd due to its higher fat content that making a Home Made Curd thicker in texture.

The Time Taken To Curdle Home Made Curd:

The time taken to make Home Made Curd also depends on the seasons but usually it can be taken 6 hours in hot weathers and upto 8-10 hours in cold weathers.

Recipe Of Home Made Curd:

Preparation Time 6-10 hours
Serves 4-5 people


Curd Sample 2 tbsp

Milk half kg

Instruction For Making:

1. Boil or heat milk and cool down to the luke warm temperature.

2. Take a neat and clean and dry bowl in which you can curdled curd.

3. Now add sample of curd then add luke warm milk in it and stir mix well both then put a lid at bowl and keep a side and leave it to set for hours.

4. Then put in fridge when set.

Home Made Curd Is Beneficial For Digestion & Health:

Home Made Curd usually served after the meals for digestion of food it is beneficial for digestion and health too. Home Made Curd decreases dryness and gas in the stomach by helping in secretion of acid, pepsin and renin.

Foods And Drinks Made By Home Made Curd Usually:

Home Made Curd can be eaten as it is or by adding sugar to make it sweeter in taste to eat as a dessert. Home Made Curd is very much useful because it can be used in making so many drinks and foods like lassi, smoothies, curries, biryani, barbecue, salads and etc.

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