Hyderabadi Paratha is a popular paratha recipe form Hyderabad or it can also be famous in all regions of Pakistan and India. It can be made from wheat flour and ghee is the second important ingredient of this recipe.

Hyderabadi Paratha Also Known With Other Name:

Hyderabadi Paratha can also be known by other name like “lachha paratha” or “lachedar paratha” and “parat wala Partaha”.

Hyderabadi Paratha Made With:

It can be made with flour, wheat flour, salt, sugar and ghee or oil.

Method Of Making Hyderabadi Partha Is The Most Important Part Of The Recipe:

For making these Hyderabadi Paratha the most important part of this recipe is making layers and layers should be seen on the paratha when it gets cooked.

Useful Tip For Making Hyderabadi Paratha Perfect:

While making Hyderabadi Paratha this tip works alot so you should keep in your mind this tip that is make the paratahas of medium thickness. If you make them more thick then more layers will be visible but then you have to cookthe paratha really very well so that it is not left uncooked form inside.

Hyderabadi Paratha Served:

Hyderabadi Paratha can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba and at home in breakfast. It can also be served with any vegetable curry along with pickle.

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