Melting Cookies Mmmmmmmmm Delicious an sounds melting my cookies in my mouth i can feel this by only reading the name of the recipe. These are literally melting in your mouth while having any single bite or have it while in one go. These are very much delicious, yummilicious and sweet in taste. These cookies can be loved by kids alot because of layering of sweet caster sugar on it.

Melting Cookies Become Your Family’s Favorite:

Melting Cookies can become your familys favorite cookies because of its heavenly melting taste and texture when they get a bite the cookie melts in their mouth so they will quickly become your familys favorite cookies on holidays.

Melting Cookies Made With:

It can be made with flour, baking powder, icing sugar, ground almonds, salt, vanilla essence, melted ghee (clarified butter), edible food color and caster sugar.
Melting Cookies Taste & Texture:

Melting Cookies are the most crumbly, buttery and delicious cookies ever which can be very much easy to made and become the best Melting Cookies.

Variation In Melting Cookies:

Melting Cookies can be make more variable by adding chocolate chips or white chocolate chips to make it more delicious. You can also drizzle chocolate sauce or syrup on to it. Choice is all yours.

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