mint-laMint Lassi is one of the finest, unique and refreshing summer coolants. A very popular beverages throughout the Asian countries! Pakistan and India is well known for its food but bardly people know that we have an array of natural drinks that are both distinctive and refreshing.

origin of Mint Lassi:

Mint Lassi is well like beverage by most of the Pakistanis and Indians. It is a very popular drink in North India specially the state of Punjab and Pakistan.

Recipe Of  Mint Lassi:

Prepartion time 20-30 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Curd 300 ml
Sugar 2 tbsp
Dried mint 1 tbsp
Roasted ground cumin a pinch
Ice cubes 1 tray
Fresh mint leaves to garnish

Method For Preparing:

1. Put curd in a blender. Add sugar, dried mint, and mix it well.

2. Then add a few ice cubes. Blend and garnish with a little ground cumin and fresh mint leaves.

3. Served chilled.

Variation In Mint Lassi:

Mint Lassi can be customised in any way you like by adding tropical fruits such as mango, strawberries etc to enhance the flavour and taste and making it refreshing and delectable.

Uses Of Mint Lassi:

Mint Lassi is served as a beverage during lunch because of its ability to enhance digestion. It can also be served in breakfast time an in evening and also at iftar and in sehri in the month of ramazan.

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