mxd-veg-omeletThe amazing and colourful healthy Mixed Vegetable Omelet is famous breakfast dish. Mixed Vegetable Omelet is fast to prepare, protein rich and gives wonderful earthy flavours of mushroom with bits of multihued peppers stuffed in the omelet along with the some crumbled soft cheese to get your metabolism going and help in reducing the cholesterol.

Starting Your Day With Mixed Vegetable Omelet:

Starting your day with the healthy breakfast like Mixed Vegetable Omelet is an amazing aspect which can keep you fit and healthy the day long. A nutritious breakfast will not only keep you healthy but will also keep your spirits high and will help you work efficiently.

Mixed Vegetable Omelet Healthy Ingredients:

This breakfast dish of Mixed Vegetable Omelet is an effortless yet elegant food that have ingredients like eggs and mushrooms which are very much healthy for your health and full of nutritions.

mushrooms: are high in dietary fibre, protein and vitamins.

eggs: are an excellent source of protein and rich in vitamins.

Recipe Of Mixed Vegetable Omelet:

preparation time 30 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Eggs 4
Carrot 1/4 cup
Pepper (green, red, yellow) 1/4 cup
Garlic chopped 1 tsp
Mushrooms 1/4 cup
Onions chopped 1/4 cup
Salt To taste
black pepper powder 1/4 tsp
Paneer or cheese grated 100 gram
Butter 1/2 tsp

Instruction For Cooking:

1. Heat a non stick pan and add chopped garlic sauté the garlic with out oil then add chopped carrot, mushrooms, green, red and yellow bell peppers and chopped onions, chopped parsley, sauté it.

2. And add pinch of salt, pepper powder, mix it well and add grated paneer sauté it and transfer in to a plate.

3. In a small bowl add two eggs beat it nicely and add pinch of salt, pepper powder mix it well.

4. Heat a pan add 1/2 tsp. of butter then pour the egg mixture cook it for one minute then put the vegetable mixture on the top of the omelette then fold it and serve it hot.

Mixed Vegetable Omelet Quite Nutritious & Healthy:

This amazing and colourful healthy Mixed Vegetable Omelet is quite nutritious and healthy to eat stuffed with rainbow colours pouring out.

Uses Of Mixed Vegetable Omelet:

This breakfast dish Mixed Vegetable Omelet is an effortless yet elegant food that can be served with bread, bun, burger or can be eaten as it is. Choice is all yours.

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