Mocha Frappe is the most delicious and flavorful coffee chilled drink, beverage or shake. It can be loved by all coffee lovers also it can be loved by all with its delicious, mouthwatering and refreshing taste. Mocha Frappe is very much tasty, sweet, creamy and full of coffee and chocolate flavor.

Mocha Frappe Is Dual Taste Drink In One Glass:

Mocha Frappe is a dual taste drink/beverage in one glass. one is coffee flavor and the other is chocolate you can have it these both tastes in one glass of this to enjoy.

Mocha Frappe Made With:

Mocha Frappe can be made with vanilla ice cream, ice, chilled brewed coffee, milk, sugar, whipped cream and drinking chocolate.

Recipe Of Mocha Frappe:

Preparation time 10-15 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Vanilla ice cream 3 scoops
Ice 1 cup
Chilled brewed coffee 1 cup
Milk ½ cup
Sugar 2 tbsp
Whipped cream as required
Drinking Chocolate as required

Instruction For Making:

1. Blend ice cream, ice, coffee, milk, and simple syrup in a blender until smooth.

2. Pour into a tall glass. Top with whipped cream, and drizzle with Chocolate Syrup.

Mocha Frappe Dreamy Drink Beverage:

Mocha Frappe is full of cream, thick and rich chocolate and coffee flavor which can make you feel like heavenly dreamy when taking every single sip of it.

Mocha Frappe Served:

Mocha Frappe can be usually served at every restaurant, cafe and at home too as a refreshing and stomach filling drink beverage before or after meal choice is all yours. Mocha Frappe is also can be served to guests to make them happy or it can be also served at weekends.

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