Oh Yummmmmyyyyy iam drooling after reading a name of recipe.. it will become mouthwatering definetily because it is a Mocha Shortbread. Yum yum this make everyone sounding like this because these shortbreads are very much delicious and mouthwatering sweet dessert which can be make in very less time with a very known ingredients. This is sweet, crunchy, chocolaty, moist and full of coffee flavor.

Mocha Shortbread Loved By All:

Mocha Shortbread can be surely loved by all after once they can have it they want to eat every second day to make themselves cherish and treat themselves with a swet tooth. It can also be loved by all age group people, family, friends, kids and guests too.

Mocha Shortbread Made With:

Mocha Shortbread can be made with flour, caster sugar, coffee powder, butter, vanilla essence and chocolate chips.

Variation In Mocha Shortbread:

Mocha Shortbread can be make more variable by adding few more ingredients like you can add nuts, white chocolate chip and raisins to give it more taste.

Mocha Shortbread Served:

Mocha Shortbread can be usually served as a most favorite sweet dessert to all at any time they have carving of eating some thing sweet. It can also be served along with a scoop of ice cream or by drizzle cool whip cream. Choice is all yours.

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