Naan Khatai Biscuit is a recipe which is very much famous all over the world. It can be made in almost every house since ages. this recipe is very much easy to made with a very few ingredients. It is very much sweet, delicious, crunchy and aromatic flavor of cardamom powder which gives a nice flavor to your taste buds. It can be loved by all age group people because of its taste and ingredients.

Naan Khatai Biscuit Healthy & Nutritious:

Naan Khatai Biscuit are very much healthy and nutritious because they can made with the ingredients which are rich source of
nutrients and good for the health of all.

Naan Khatai Biscuit Made With:

Naan Khatai Biscuit can be made with flour, sooji, gram flour, oil, sugar, cardamom powder and pitachio for garnishing.

Naan Khatai Biscuit Variation:

Naan Khatai Biscuit can be made more variable by adding almond crushed, cashew nut or walnut in to the batter to make it more variable and delicious and yes offcourse healthy too.

Naan Khatai Biscuit Served:

Naan Kahati Biscuit can be served any time along with the any type of hot beverage like tea or coffee of your choice. It can also be served with the flavored tall glass of milk to the kids. It can also be served in the lunch boxes of your kids as their favorite lunch.

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