no-bake-nutella-chesse-cakeNo Bake Nutella Cheese Cake is a one dessert that we all can agree on. No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake ia a pretty obvious recipe of cheese cake recipe with addition of a new and yummy flavour of nutella. It is made without baking. In this recipe of No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake only few ingredients are using like cream cheese, castor sugar, nutella, nuts of your choice (unsalted), butter (unsalted) and biscuits/ crackers squares (crushed).

No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake is a Rich, Creamy And Sweet:

No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake is a rich in taste dessert recipe which is rich, creamy and sweet in taste. In No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake we can use nutella and cream cheese to make it rich creamy and sweet in taste.

No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake Is A Delectable Dessert:

No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake is a delectable dessert because of cream cheese and nutella chocolate spread. Everey one loves this spread and also love to eat in a form of this kind of cheese cake.

Recipe OF No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake:

Preparation time 1 hour
Serves 5-6 people


For The Crust:

Marie biscuit 1-2 packets
Unsalted butter 6 tbsp
Nutella 1 tbsp

For The Cheese Cake Filling:

Cream cheese 2 packets (8 oz)
Icing sugar 1/2 cup
Nutella 1 jar (13 oz)
Unsalted almonds or cashew nuts 3/4

Instruction For Making:

For Crust:

1. Place the maries biscuits in a zip lock plastic bag and use a rolling pin to crush them.

2. Now to make the crust combine all the ingredients of crust in a bowl and mix until evenly moistened.

3. Now press the crumb mixture in to the bottom of a 9 inch spring foam pan.

4. Now chill the crust while you are making the filling.

For Cake Filling:

1. Beat the softened cream cheese (at room temperature) and icing sugar until smooth.

2. Now add the remaining nutella and beat again untill everything is blended well and no more white streaks appear.

3. Now carefully spoon the nutella and cream cheese mixture over the crumb crust.

4. Use spatula to even it out.

5. Now sprinkle the chopped almonds or cashew nuts all over the filling, cover it completely.

6. Now refrigerate for atleast 4-5 hours, preferably overnight.

7. Served chilled straight from fridge for perfect results.

Useful Tip For Making No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake Best:

Do this tip before you add the crumb crust. Turn the removeable base of the springform upside down (reverse it) and then lock it firmly. Butter the base and line with parchment paper, add the crumb crust. This way the crumbs wont stick in to the groove inside the pan and it would be easier to slide them on to a serving platter later.

Variations In No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake:

No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake is already a very variable dessert recipe, but you can also add some other ingredients to make your No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake more variable and delicious. You can also add chunks of chocolate in filling, and also you can add chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, other nuts like walnuts and peanuts to make it more tasty in taste of your choice.

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