Rava Masala Paratha is a famous paratha/bread recipe in all the regions of Pakistan and India. It is very rich in flavor with a different taste among other parathas. It is very much delicious little sweet and salty with a tangling flavor of ajwain and red crushed pepper. This recipe  is very easy to made at home with a few steps and by following this recipe.

Rava Masala paratha Semolina Is The Main Ingredient:

For Making these Rava Masala Paratha the main ingredient is semolina (sooji) which can make these paratha rava this is why this paratha named Rava Masala Partha.

Rava Masala Paratha Made With:

Rava Masala Paratha can be made with Wheat flour, white flour (maida), Semolina (sooji), oil, crushed red papper. ajwain, salt and ghee.

Rava Masala Paratha Healthy & Nutritious:

Rava Masala Paratha is healthy and nutritious for the health of all becausue of using sooji which can make these paratha good for the health. Sooji have so many health benefits and when it combine with the ghee and wheat flour it will make the healthier dish.

Rava Masala Paratha Served:

Rava Masala Paratha can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba, road side motels and at home too as a side dish condiment. It can also be served in breakfast along with tea or aloo bhaji. It can also be served with any type of curry or gravy along with any type of raita and salad of your own choice.

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