Rooh Afza Almond Shake oh sounds very interesting, delicious and refreshing. This recipe name makes me start drooling i hope you all are also strat drooling after once you drink it. It is very much delicous shake/beverage which is sweet and with the taste of almonds combine with milk and ice make it more refreshing and delicious.

Rooh Afza Almond Shake Healthy & Nutritious:

Rooh Afza Almond Shake is very much healthy and nutritious for the health of all because of its ingredients they can make this cold beverage healthy and nutritious and especially for kids. Almonds are very rch source of vitamin E and good for all health.

Rooh Afza Almond Shake Made With:

Rooh Afza Almond Shake can be made with rooh afza, almonds, chia seeds, cold milk and ice cubes.

Variation In Rooh Afza Almond Shake:

Rooh Afza Almond Shake can be make more variable by adding some other ingredients according to your taste buds. You can add other nuts like walnuts, cashewnuts and you can also add any fruit of your choice to amke it more delicious and healthy.

Rooh Afza Almond Shake Served:

Rooh Afza Almond Shake can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe, dhaba, juce corners and at home too as a cold beverage. It can also be served in the month of ramazan for sehr/iftar menu to keep you fresh and healthy.

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