Mmmmmmm yummyy a sweet dish by adding rooh afza woowwww it sounds delicious. Rooh Afza Firni is a newer version in a variety of firni. Actually firni is a traditional sweet dish or you can say it a tarditional rice custard cooked with milk and by adding nuts, cardamom powder in to it and then set in earthware containers. Rooh Afza Firni is very much sweet, delicious with a new color which is pink and it gives a great color to your firni by adding rooh afza.

Rooh Afza Firni Eartware Containers Made It More Delicious:

After cooking your firni then set in to earthware containers made it more delicious in taste it gives nice aromatic flavor of these earthware containers which you can feel in every bite while eating this Rooh Afza Firni.

Rooh Afza Firni Easy & Quick Dessert:

Rooh Afza Firni is very much easy to made at home in a very quick timewith a very less ingredients which can be easily available in your kitchen.

Rooh Afza Firni Made With:

Rooh Afza Firni can be made with milk, chopped cardamom, rice soaked, rooh afza, almonds and pistachios and silver leaf for garnishing. Serving Bowls as required.

Variation In Rooh Afza Firni:

Rooh Afza Firni you can make more variable by adding some more other ingredients according to your choice like you can add sugar or condensed milk to make it more sweeter and you can also add cashewnuts to make it more tasty and nutty.

Rooh Afza Firni Served:

Rooh Afza Firni can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba and at home too as a sweet dessert. It can also be served in festivals, occassions, eid, ramazan, get togethers, small parties and also at weekends to cherish yor family.

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