Skip the sugary store bought desserts and frozen yogurts and try this recipe of  you will definitely love it after having this. This homemade Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt is very much delicious, sweet, cold and yes refreshing made with very few ingredients which can be easily available in your kitchen.

Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt also Named By Frozen Dessert:

Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt is also named by frozen dessert because of its ingredients and offcourse its taste. This can be also eaten as a frozen dessert by those especially who love to eat frozen desserts or also love to eat yogurt in a frozen way and with different taste.

Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt Made With:

Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt can be made with milk, milk powder, sugar, gelatin, skimmed milk, vanilla essence, yogurt and rooh afza.

Variation In Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt:

Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt can be made more variable by adding any fruit chunks in to it to enjoy the more flavors in your yogurt of your own choice.

Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt Served:

Rooh Afza Frozen Yogurt can be usually served as in a restaurant, frozen yogurt parlors and at home too as a frozen yogurt dessert. It can also be served with a scoop of ice cream of your favorite flavor. It can also be served as a frozen dessert after dinner meal or any time you crave for eating something sweet, refreshing and healthy.

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