Rooh Afza Lassi as you can already see a name of recipe which can e made with a sweet syrup of famous Pakistani brand which is very known to all over the world. It is very much famous, delicious, mouthwatering and refreshing cold beverage which can be loved by all age group people any time. It is sweet and pink in color with a very refreshing taste and also it can be full your tummy by having a glass of it.

Rooh Afza Lassi Cool Drink:

Rooh Afza Lassi is a most facvorite cool drink or beverage in hot days of summer and also in ramazan sehar/iftar menu. To make this cool drink/beverage in sehri/iftar your whole family gonna love it because this is very much refreshing and delicious and you can add extra sweetness according to your choice and taste.

Rooh Afza Lassi Made With:

Rooh Afza Lassi can be made with cold milk, rooh afza syrup, yogurt and ice cubes.

Rooh Afza Lassi Variation:

Rooh Afza Lassi you can make more variable by adding any fruit of your choice in to it to make it more healtheir, delicious and refreshing. Choice is all yours.

Rooh Afza Lassi Served:

Rooh Afza Lassi can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba, milk shop, cafe and at home too as amost favoriet cold beverage.It  can also be served in hot days or in sehr/iftar menu. It can also be served to a sudden guests to make them happy with a cold, refreshing and healthy drink/beverage.

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