Salad Dressing Homemade is a dressing for any salad and also use as a condiment. This is based on mayonnaise with including olive oil, ketchup, lemon juice which gives it a glaze and tangy taste. Olives, hard boiled eggs and spring onion leaves gives it chunks which you can have it in every bite. This is also a very much simple and very quick recipe of dressing of salad which can be easily made at home by yourslef.

Salad Dressing Homemade Less Expensive:

Salad Dressing Homemade is far less expensive than bought it from store ready made and it taste well a thousand times better than ready made.

Salad Dressing Homemade Made With:

Salad Dressing Homemade can be made with mayonnaise, chili sauce, lemon juice, ketchup, spring onion leaves, green olives, hard boiled eggs, paprika and salt.

Salad Dressing Homemade Tangy Zesty Secret:

By using all ingredients from your kitchen to make this Salad Dressing Homemade in a 5 minutes and a little chilling time in the fridge after that you got a tangy, zesty and secret sauce, condiment or dressing for your salad.

Salad Dressing Homemade Served:

Salad Dressing Homemade can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe, fast food restaurant and at home too as afvorite salad dressing or condiment or as s dip sauce with your any favorite snack. You can also served this only by spreading on buns, slices of breads or with nuggets, kebabs, cutlets, with your favorite sandwiches or burgers.

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