Sausage Pasta is a very unique and newer pasta recipe among other pasta dishes. It is very much delicious, different in taste, little spicy, little creamy and cheesy. It is a very quick and easy recipe made with the very known and easily available ingredients in your kitchen. This  is packed with flavors and love to eat by all.

Sausage Pasta Done Without Using Any Meat:

Sausage Pasta done without using any meat like chicken or beef because in this pasta sausage can fullfil the requiremnet of meat and gives it a really delicious taste to the pasta. Meat lovers can also like this Sausage pasta.

Sausage Pasta Made With:

Sausage Pasta can be made with olive oil, smoked sausage, chopped onion, garlic, chicken stock. chopped tomatoes, boiled penne pasta, crushed red chilies, salt, pepper, cream, cheese and thinly sliced green onions.

Variation In Sausage Pasta:

Sausage Pasta can be make more variable by adding some more ingredients like you can add fresh coriander leaves, capsicum, sweet corns, mushrooms and peas to make it more colorful, healthy and yummilicious.

Sausage Pasta Served:

Sausage Pasta can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe and at homes too as a side dish. It can also be served along with any type of soup which is favorite of yours and with any type of bread to make it a complete meal which make your tummy full.

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