Sesame Candy is the most eaten candy in the all age group people because of the ingredients it can be liked by all and those who love to eat sesame seeds and like the taste of sesame seeds alot. It  is hard in texture with very sweet in taste along with the roasted and aromatic sesame seeds.

Sesame Candy Health Benefits:

Sesame Candy have many health benefits for the health of all, it is full of great protein, it helps prevent diabetes, reduce blood pressure, lower cholestrol, good for digestion, good for healthy skin, boost heart health, good for baby’s health and also good for hairs.

Sesame candy Made With:

It can be made with sesame seeds, jaggary and ghee and also ghee for greasing.

Variation In Sesame Candy:

Sesame Candy can be make more variable by adding some nuts of your own choice or you can add cardamom seeds or ciannmon powder to make it more delicious, healthy and crunchy.

Sesame Candy Sweet Healthy Snack For Kids:

Sesame Candy is a sweet and healthy snack for the kids whenever they want to eat sweets or candies which are not good for their health’s then you can make this  and have it in a air tight jar for a week and you can give it to your kids whenever they are craving of eating sweets or candies.

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