Sesame Squares are the most favorite sweet snack among all age group people. It have unique aromatic and very sweet taste with crunchy texture which can make your tooth sweet whenever you are craving of eating something sweet. They are chewy and little hard based pieces of sweet which can be easily chewed by any one.

Sesame Squares Easy Quick & 3 Ingredient Recipe:

Sesame Squares are very much easy to made in very less time only with 3 ingrdients which are easily available in your kitchen.

Sesame Squares Healthy & Nutritious:

Sesame Squares are very much healthy and nutritious for the health of all because of all ingredient using to make this sweet are all full of nutrients which are good for all age group people health.

Sesame Squares Made With:

It can be made with white sesame seeds, ghee and condensed milk.

Sesame squares Variation:

Sesmae Squares can be make more variable by adding nuts in to it these nuts can make these sweet more healthy, nutritious, nutty and crunchy to eat.

Sesame Squares Served:

Sesame Squares can be usually served at home as a sweet snack or having it instead of sweet. It can also be served in a lunch box of your kids as a healthy lunch for them. It can also be served as a healthy sweet dessert on weekends or after dinner.

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